Need a Voided Check but don't have checks?

UPDATE! Recent Technology has made check-writing and check-cashing and depositing entirely different. Using a mobile device or PC to upload checks is the checking account wave of the future and present. What if you have a checking account, but you don't want or need paper checks? All you need is the routing number which you can look up or even call your bank, and your personal account number. With this new link, HERE, FREE CHECK   
You will have the image of a check so that you can use mobile and personal computer checking services without having any paper checks. Bank of America recently announced that they had processed 90,000 checks with the new mobile check applications. It may be possible that you don't even need a printer. Once you have the image of your check which is easily produced by using the FREE CHECK-MAKING link above, you can possibly scan just the image? But I have not tried that yet. Have fun!
Are you tired of buying checks that you don't need? Do you have a checking account, or debit card with your bank? All you need is a routing number for the bank, and your personal account number, to create your own FREE! voided check.
This comes in handy when you need a voided check for direct deposit of your paycheck, government check, or child support check.
Eliminate the Eppi-card, (EPPICARD), and your child support money goes directly into YOUR! bank account, without having to order expensive checks that you don't need.
Need to take a digital picture of a check? Simple! Create a check, snap a photo and upload! Here's a link that tells you how to make a check with Microsoft Office: You can also complete the ordering steps to purchase checks and click, "preview"-but these days the check printers keep the numbers to themselves so that you DON'T just copy and print your own check. Use a free font to add your routing and account numbers The Check generator is 100% SAFE! as all personal information is never stored.
You will need a printer to print-out the voided check. If you don't have one, you can do this at your local public library.
The voided check that you create is a legal voided check.
The link to the voided check-maker is on the right hand side.